CAN - Joe McDonough AFT Social Justice Scholarship

In the tradition of CSM Professor Joe McDonough’s social activism and AFT 1493 Union work, this scholarship is aimed at SMCCCD students who are actively involved in the fight for social justice. Applicants must demonstrate involvement in an organization working to achieve social justice, helping to create a just society. This activity can be through a campus organization or club, or a community group/organization. Examples include (but are not limited to): BSU, Black Lives Matter, DREAMER/DACA, LGBT rights, Third World student groups, anti-death penalty, global justice, disability rights, environmental work and racism, to name just a few. DREAMERS and DACA encouraged to apply.

Ideally, this scholarship will allow a student to work fewer hours and participate in activities including volunteer service or internships with organizations that promote equity, civil rights and other social justice imperatives.

One SMCCCD student will receive a $5,000 scholarship
Supplemental Questions
  1. Write a brief essay of up to 500 words that answers the following questions: Why are you involved in social justice work and why is it a vehicle for change? Describe activities you’ve been involved in that advance social justice in your community or on your campus.
  2. Provide a second letter of recommendation by someone directly involved in your social activism work. Please Include her/his phone number.